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It’s your time to jump up and show up every day.

We talk about people in our industry who crush it and sell 40 and 50 and 60 cars.

How do they show up?

What is their drive?

How do they do it inside of themselves?

They’re not motivated by the media or the manager or the dealer. Something inside of them says, “it’s my time, let’s get this going”, and they start off the day that way. Look at new people. You hear me make the reference of why do new people crush it?

Why do new people, all of the sudden they get in the car business, they don’t know nothing and the first 60, 90 days they sell 80 percent. It’s how they show up. They believe everybody’s going to buy. They are focused and at work to work. They’re not distracted by the little games or the frustrations. They’re not controlled by the environment. They don’t know that the manager sucks and the inventory is terrible and the interest rates are bad. They just know, oh my God, what an opportunity. That’s how they show up. How I can take showing up and drive it inside of you? What is your mission?

How do you create this focus to where you can crush it every single day?

Here’s your homework. This is something that you can do every day in different parts of your life–just show up in your day. What you can do is you can have a simple framework that allows you to start your day.

It’s a mission statement, if you will. A driven statement, if you will. You list out the qualities, characteristics, and values that are going to help you that day and then you put them in a format and you say, “I am happy, expressive, focused, driven. I am going to crush it today”.

And you build a mission.

I am happy, I am driven and I am focused so that–that’s the conjunction–so that I can have an incredible day. I can have an incredible career. I can build a legacy that lasts forever.

Have a great week and go talk to some people. Be yourself.