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Today, I want to teach you all something.

I want to teach you how to be less productive.

Yes, I’m going to teach you how to be less productive. Probably by about 40%.

I’m going to cut your productivity by 40%, and you’re going to love it!  You’re going to love it because you don’t believe it. You want me to show you how?

Here’s the first way you do it.

Take out your cell phone. This thing–your cell phone–this is a digital distraction.

You all might know it by another name. I call it a digital distractor.

You don’t believe me? Take your phone out right now and open it up. Go to your apps. You see apps? You got all your apps right there, you see them?

(Oh, wait. What’s that one do? Corner bakery–oh look at that!)

Look, go to your apps. Show me the one app you made a thousand dollars with last week. We start there.

Look, when your phone is off, and you sitting down working, do you ever hear a little ding-a-ling go off and all of a sudden you see your friend text message you?

You got the Facebook–oh my Lord, look who connected with me. Whatever you doing at that moment, you drop your productivity because this person’s agenda says “Hey, Boudreaux, pay attention to me. Whatever you’re doing right now don’t matter. This right here is more important.”

You see this right here–this digital distractor? Even if you have it on vibrate, you lose your presence with a customer, with your children, with your family. You go greet the customer. Guys, you put it here next to your nipple. You put it in your pocket. You go greet the customer, “Welcome to the dealership.” You’re talking to the customer and all of a sudden your nipple vibrates. For that second, you lose presence. The customer might even say “Did you need to get that?” because they’re kinder than you are. Your presence is gone. Your productivity drops.

Here, you want another one?

You, on the laptop, you internet people? It’s just as bad. You’re sitting on the laptop, you’re working on something . . . All of a sudden in the corner there’s a drop down if you have a PC, or on a Mac it pops out to the side. All of a sudden, this box drops down and you go “Oh, look who it is.”

You probably don’t even know who it is and you still have to go click on it. All of a sudden, you go from what you were working on and you go all the way to your email list and that message pops up and that person said, “Hey, dumbass, pay attention to me. Whatever you were doing at that moment is not important.” Everything you do is costing you money. This digital distraction, app amnesia, browser blackout thing, this is costing you money. It ain’t making you money. The business of your business is people and this right here is keeping you from being present and caring about people.

This video is about you getting back to being a human being, not somebody who’s stuck to this and about to run into the back of another car or walk into a dog-gone fountain. You saw the video of people walking like this and they walk into a fountain? The only difference between them and you is you didn’t walk into the fountain, but you know it could happen. You got to pay attention to yourself, you got to be more productive by staying focused and present. Your productivity is lacking and you go off on a rabbit trail which is this. Stop it.

Thank you for listening to this. I know I was a little rough at the end but I want you all to get this. I want you to be happy, I want your children to know that daddy’s there, that momma’s paying attention. Guys, put the clicker down. It’s your time to pay attention and that’s all I’m selling you on in this video. You all keep watching my YouTube videos, you all keep going there.

By the way, thank you for reading my blogs. I know most salespeople don’t read, but you reading my blogs. I’m grateful and thank you again for the comments. I couldn’t do more. Look, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to put this down. Turn all your alerts off. Nothing needs to show up here anymore when you’re ready for your emails, you go to your emails and you pull it down and your new emails will be there. You won’t miss a thing.