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I went to a dealership two days ago. Salesman comes out, don’t know me. Greets me. He talks. His mouth smells like cigarette ashtray. It stunk. I was like, lord! His whole body reeked of the cigarette ashtray.

You got to pay attention to how you look. You got to pay attention and look professional. Tuck your shirt in your pants and look good. You have to have a good image. In my book Keep It Simple Selling I talk about it in the communication piece. The first impression isn’t always about how you look. It might be how you sound, or how you come across on that email.

You know you sent 4 emails to customers and you probably never read them. Everybody is using the same email. You talk like that email?

You talk in paragraph form?

You all got to change the emails to talk like you’re talking to somebody you like. I’m from south Louisiana. We don’t talk like them people from Maine. We talk like us from Louisiana.

We got to talk like us. Our image, how we look, how we are perceived by other people. That comes across in the way you write, in the way you talk, in the way you look, in the way you smell.

You got to smell good or at least not smell bad. My lord. It was awful. I mean, I just was shocked. You ever smell that? You ever smell that smell of smoke? Even if you smoke, it ain’t good.

You want to be professional.

When you shake the customer’s hand, you want them to know that there’s no reason that they don’t like you, that they don’t respect you. I don’t want a negative image the first time.

Look, if the way I look naturally just like this ain’t enough then it’s okay, but I should put my best foot forward and go and step into my best self.

Jim Rohn said, “You want to be attractive in the marketplace? First, you have to be attractive in the marketplace.” That’s what you got to do.

I want you to pay attention to how you’re appearing.

I want you to be professional.

I want you to be likable immediately without any thought at all.

Keep doing these things. Each little step makes you better.

Thank you for reading my blog and commenting on them. I’m very grateful to get your comments.