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Let’s talk about perspective. One of the reasons I wrote Keep It Simple Selling is because I thought our industry needed a different perspective.

One that might be a little different.

Now I got in the car business in 1983.  Here’s what I was told:  I was told that coffee is for _________ …

Do you know the answer? It’s for closers. Right?  It’s for closing.

That’s what we were taught. But what about sales people like me who, when we first got in, we couldn’t close a screen door? We sucked at closing. We can’t have any coffee?

But the business of this business is more than closing.

The business of this business is people and the key to massive success is not just building the relationship but maintaining the relationship for life.  Whether you close them or not.

Traditionally, the closing signifies an end to a relationship and that’s not what it should be.

The handshake should be the beginning of a relationship for life. That’s what I’m selling you on. I’m selling you on being in this business and creating life long relationships. That’s why I believe maybe our industry could use a second perspective on what coffee is for.

You see, I believe, that maybe it’s possible that coffee,  is for us people who are connectors.

Coffee is for connecting.

It’s for sitting across from somebody and having a great conversation.

You see, if you start paying attention to connecting more than closing, your business is going to go up. Closing’s important. It don’t happen without that, though. Coffee is for connecting. Coffee is for you people out there who are geniuses at connecting. You’re the connectors. You connect the community with other people. You connect yourself with great people.

Managers can even be great connectors. They can use coffee for connecting as well. You see this business? It’s an incredible business. I want you to pay attention this week to connecting. I want you to shake people’s hands and I want you to have a cup of coffee with them. Maybe split a Dr. Pepper, a Coca Cola, whatever you drink. A green tea. You split a drink with them and you sit down and you visit and you just connect with people. Yeah?

Thanks for reading my blog. Keep the comments coming. I’m so grateful to get them all. Thank you.  Next week we’re going to talk about something else. Y’all have a great week.