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And the key to massive success is being who you are at your best, and then figuring out how to take care of others. Master this, and you will be profitable and proud of your way of life.”

Damian Boudreaux, Founder of Auto Training Academy

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How To Be…

Today, I want to teach you all something. I want to teach you how to be less productive. Yes, I'm going to teach you how to be less productive. Probably by about 40%. I'm going to cut your productivity by 40%, and you're going to love it!  You're going to love it...

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Let's talk about perspective. One of the reasons I wrote Keep It Simple Selling is because I thought our industry needed a different perspective. One that might be a little different. Now I got in the car business in 1983.  Here's what I was told:  I was told that...

First Impressions

I went to a dealership two days ago. Salesman comes out, don't know me. Greets me. He talks. His mouth smells like cigarette ashtray. It stunk. I was like, lord! His whole body reeked of the cigarette ashtray. You got to pay attention to how you look. You got to pay...

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